Style on Trial: Christopher Kane ‘Jenny’ leather and lace embroidered dress

This dress sold out almost instantly when it arrived at Net-a-Porter a few weeks ago, which kinda surprised us really because, quite apart from the £2,225 price tag, the combination of leather, lace and floral embroidery just didn’t strike us as the kind of thing that would have widespread appeal, especially when you consider the back view:

Or, indeed, the fact that the lace top seems to call for rather more body confidence than most of the female population of the planet claim to be possessed of:

Still, even although we know we’d never wear it ourselves, and we suspect there are very few people out there who COULD wear it with anything like panache, we have to confess, there’s just something about it. Or maybe we shouldn’t have had that last coffee, who knows.

We’re handing this one over to you, ladies and gentlemen of the fashion police jury. Do you say YAY or NAY to the Christopher Kane ‘Jenny’ dress? Place your votes in the comments box…

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