Http:// I work in a very casual office. For out holiday …

Comment on What to Wear to the Christmas Party: Pamela’s outfit by whit.
I work in a very casual office. For out holiday party this year, I was the only one in a skirt or dress, so maybe something more casual, eh?

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Red Carpet Watch: Sienna Miller, Anna Wintour et al at the screening of ‘The September Issue’
I’m in love with Alexa Chang and that dress!

Celebrity Style on Trial: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Preen mini dress
It makes her look chunky. And really, if she looks chunky in that dress, everyone will. Plus, the dress is just not very attractive to begin with.

Save or Splurge: Stripe short-sleeved shirts by Vivienne Westwood and Next
Funny, before I scrolled down I would have thought that the Next shirt was the designer one. In this case, I would definitely save!

Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Christian Louboutin Vs Jessica Simpson
As much as I don’t think it is ok for the copy, I like the Jessica Simpson shoes better…

Fashion Police Checkpoint: Tell us what you’re wearing!
A vintage blue and purple patterned sundress with a white belt and white ballet flats.

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