Christmas comes early at ASOS

Christmas jumper

It’s hard to believe it sometimes, but this blog has been running for over a decade now, and while you probably wouldn’t think that would be long enough to see any major changes in the world ¬†of fashion, we’ve definitely seen a few.

Take Christmas jumpers, for instance. Back when we first started policing the world of fashion, the Christmas jumper was rarely seem outside the world of ugly sweater parties. Wearing one would’ve been seen as the ultimate crime of festive fashion, and every December, our cells would fill out with sweaters depicting giant snowmen, scary Santas and other things more commonly seen on small children than grown adults.

Now, though? How the times have changed. Now Christmas sweaters start filling the stores in around October, and people will happily wear them, without even a hint of irony. Some of them are just as bad as the ones from the ugly sweater parties of old. Some are even quite nice, in a “If we absolutely HAD to wear a holiday sweater, then this is the one we’d choose,” kinda way.

Then there’s this one.

Now, to be fair, this one might not even BE a Christmas sweater, for all we know. There’s nothing in the product listing to suggest it is one, and it doesn’t have the usual suspects (Santa or snowmen) on the front, either. With all of that said in its defence, however, as soon as we laid eyes on it, we were instantly reminded of the Christmas craft projects we used to do in school, when we were little kids: you know, the ones where you’d make paper chains out of cardboard, or Christmas crackers out of toilet rolls: that kind of thing? This, then, is a child’s craft project of a Christmas sweater to us: and if this is what the future of festive fashion looks like, we’re probably just going to hibernate right through until January…

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