Christian Louboutin’s suede peep toes – a fringe too far?


OK, Mr Louboutin, we're going to need to ask you to step away from the fringes, please. That's right, keep your hands where we can see them, nice and slow…

Of course, we know fringes have been big lately, and we also know a lot of you like them, but when fringes attack a perfectly nice peep toe and leave it looking like this, we feel we have to act. We didn't like it when Christian Louboutin did this to knee "boots" (we use the word "boots" in its loosest possible sense there), and we still don't like it now the same fate has been visited upon peep toe pumps.

Do you like it? Are your ankles just crying out for some fringing, or do you prefer them as they are, thanks very much? (If you do like these, they're $1095 from Neiman Marcus.)

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