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Style on Trial: Christian Louboutin’s fringed peep toe boots


Christian Louboutin rarely falls out of favour with The Fashion Police, so these boots have come as something of a shock, it must be said. It’s a bit like that moment when you find out your parents aren’t actually infallible, and it kind of sucks, really.

The fringes themselves we can deal with: there is a version of this boot that has a “normal” front to it, and we’re totally down with those, as are the many celebrities they’ve been seen on. Why then, having created a boot that had absolutely nothing wrong with it, did Louboutin have to do and do this, we wonder? Why, for the love of God, did he go and attach the fringed leg to a peep toe?

We don’t know. We really don’t. The Fashion Police are not always right, though, which is why we turn to you, readers, in our hour of need. Is it true that Louboutin has messed up here, do you think, or are these boots actually perfectly acceptable, and it’s just our “peep toe boot” bias guiding us wrong?

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