Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Christian Louboutin’s ‘Anemone’ and Moda in Pelle’s ‘Dazy’


Christian Louboutin’s ‘Anemone’ pumps were one of the most recognisable shoes of last season, so there’s really no mistaking where Moda in Pelle found the influence for their ‘Dazy’ pumps from, is there?

These are £65 to Louboutin’s £480, and are the latest in a growing number of designer-inspired shoes from Moda in Pelle. They were recently forced to destroy thousands of pairs of shoes and pay £100,000 in damages after Gina took them to court for copyright infringement, so these shoes are clearly different enough from the Louboutin originals to keep them out of trouble – after all, when it comes to Louboutins, there’s no mistaking the genuine article, is there?

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