Shoe Style on Trial: Christian Louboutin’s gold spiked heels


Wow. Wow, wow, wow. And once again: wow.

We’re not quite sure whether we’re “wow-ing” at these shoes in a good way or in a bad way -or even just in an “those babies could really hurt if you got in the wrong side of them” kind of way – because every time we look at them, just one word pops into our heads. That word is – yes! – “wow”. And then we sit and look at them for a while, and realise that ten minutes have just passed while we’ve been sitting here staring at a pair of gold, spiky heels.

What do you think of these, Fashion Force? They’re by Christian Louboutin and the price is available on request, which generally means that it’s a case of “if you have to ask, you can’t afford,” so while this will never be a real life “to buy or not to buy” dilemma for The Fashion Police, we’re still interested in hearing your views.

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