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Style on Trial: Christian Lacroix’s silk/satin mini dress

Christian_lacroix_2 If Marc Jacobs thought he was the only one who could make dresses with a touch of the Edward Scissorhands about them (Thanks, Danielle!), he was wrong, because just lookit how handy good ol’ Christian Lacroix is with a pair of shears!

This dress looks to us like it had an unfortunate accident and some point, but luckily someone’s granny was on hand to patch it up with a bit of completely mismatched fabric.  We’re not loving this look, but then again, we never do like anything that looks like Chloe Sevigny would be right at home in it, so we put it to you, dear readers: is this a crime of fashion, or is it just "creative" and "quirky"? You decide…

(Click here to see the back view before making your mind up.)

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