Crime of Fashion: Crazy, feet-eating sandals by Christian Lacroix


The Fashion Police had to take an impromptu holiday yesterday after a rogue migraine forced me to spend most of the day in bed (which wasn’t nearly as much fun as it sounds, trust me). I’m actually kinda wishing I’d stayed there, too, rather than having struggled out of bed only to lay eyes on these monstrosities by Christian Lacroix, because if there’s anything guaranteed to bring on another migraine, these shoe would be it, with their busy-busy print, bows, laces, and… is that a tassel hanging off the back?

Strip away all of the excess decoration (and, unfortunately these are almost ALL excess decoration) and you could have something to work with here, but as they are, they remind me of nothing so much as giant insects, coming to eat me. Definitely not ones to wear if you have a fever – the hallucinations of feet-eating-insects every time you looked down would be too much for most of us to handle.

This is a second offence for Christain Lacroix recently : M. Lacroix? The Fashion Police are watching you…

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