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Christian Dior Couture: Kate Hudson

Katehudson Christian Dior Couture and the Palace of Versailles. Seriously, can you imagine anything more perfect? Versailles was the setting for Dior’s 60’s birthday bash last night, meaning that the stars were out in force – and in Dior Couture creations, natch.

My first instinct when I saw this picture of Kate Hudson in yellow silk was to love it unreservedly. It’s such a dramatic dress, and I love a bit of drama, me. On second glance, though, I’m not too sure. This is the kind of dress that’ll look best when you’re moving (not that Kate’ll be doing much of that without tripping over that long hem), and I’m not keen on the way it outlines her body, like the Turin shroud. Whaddya think, fashion fans?

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