Chocolate shoes by Irregular Choice. Umm….


Love chocolate? Love shoes? Love chocolate on your shoes? Ummm, we’d give an enthusiastic "yes" to the first two, but it’s the third question we’re not so sure about, which is why when we first laid eyes on Irregular Choice’s ‘Cortesan Chocolate’ pumps we were…puzzled…. to say the least. And not just because we initially thought that was a fried egg sitting on the front of the shoe.

It’s not, though. No, this is, in fact, this is a "chocolate" some "cream", and… actually we’re still not totally sure what the yellow thing is supposed to be, but something edible, presumably. Unlike, say, the little crystal sitting on the "cream". What, don’t you always have crystals with your cream?

Ultimately, we think this is a pretty good example of how to ruin what could have been a rather nice court shoe – and to ruin it in a rather surreal way, into the bargain. You, of course, may just find them deliciously quirky, in which case you can buy them for £64.99 at Schuh.

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