It looks… alive. And like it has dreadlocks. And I …

Comment on Chloe’s Boudoir chain shoulder bag: kinda scary, really by Ash.

It looks… alive. And like it has dreadlocks. And I don’t understand the crop circles on the front…

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Do you *heart* Alexander McQueen’s heart peep toes?
Holy wow, those shoes are amazing. I don’t even think the bright pink is too much, it really goes with the shoes. Love them!

You paid HOW much?! Jimmy Choo’s ‘Dylan’ beach bag
It looks like something of one those cheap off-brand Barbies would come packed in, along with her skimpy hot pink bikini and various other teeny beach accessories. In other words, not worth it.

Wear or Die: One extreme or the other?
Leggings, definitely. Although the leggings are excessively loud, they’re not as bad as the terribly frumpy dress. Ick. That black band can’t do much to flatter anyone. I’d just wear the leggings with some kind of 80s-punk flair that I wouldn’t pull off. But that’s okay. :]

Walter Van Beirendonck’s ‘Happy Knit’ – does it make you happy?
Wow. It sort of looks like you would be wearing a hamburger floatie around your waist.
Very scary.

Cheap Monday have trouble deciding which colour to make their jeans, arrive at compromise
They look like part of a Halloween costume – like maybe if you stood against a black wall it would look like you were missing part of your legs.
However, if you wore them for anything but Halloween you would just look like you were missing part of your mind.

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