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Daylight Robbery: Floral patterened tights by Chloe

Floraltights OK, so these aren’t quite as expensive as the £90 tights we featured back in November, but given that The Fashion Police don’t tend to have a lot of luck with tights, which seem to ladder if we so much as look at them, we’re thinking the £60 price tag on these floral Chloe tights is just a little bit much for the likes of us.

That said, we do quite like the pattern (and even if we didn’t, it looks like patterned tights are going to big this winter, so we better start getting used to them), and we have no idea whether or not it’s the quality of these, rather than the designer name, that justifies the price. We suspect it’s probably the latter, but that could just be us being cynical again…

What do you think, readers? Would you pay £60 for these? Come to think of it, would you wear them at all?

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