Chloe’s Horseshoe Platform Slingbacks Help You Walk Like A Pony


Dad, can I have a pony?

Well, maybe not, but at least you can have the next best thing (sort of) with these Horseshoe slingbacks by Chloe, which, instead of regular old soles, have… horseshoes.

Four things about this:
1. Do they make that "clip-clop" noise when you walk on them? We really hope so.
2. Imagine the cool footprints they’d leave! Whee!
3. They look like they might be hard to walk in, though. Are they?
4. We still want them, though. Just so that we can walk around pretending to be a horse. We’re like that.

They’re £380 at Net-a-Porter, and that’s a 20mm pewter platform. Horses wouldn’t wear them, but you can, and that’s what matters.

[via Shoewawa]

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