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Chloe Sevigny’s new line for Opening Ceremony: your opinions?


Chloe Sevigny: the darling of that section of the fashion world that likes to use the word "quirky" a lot, and a woman who is never knowingly spotted looking anything less than utterly eccentric. And now she’s gone and gotten herself a full-body flower tattoo. Oh no, wait, our mistake – it’s fashion. Yes, fashion. It is, in fact, Chloe’s new line for her own Opening Ceremony label, and she hasn’t done an awful lot to make viewing it easy on the eyes, opting for a pretentiously "artistic" style of photography that leaves some of the outfits almost invisible. Which is perhaps a good thing.

To be fair, we can kinda see where Chloe was going with the whole gingham/floral thing, which we would perhaps like better if it wasn’t all so very short and skintight, and we can find no fault with the jacket and skirt on the right of the picture above. But what do you think of Opening Ceremony? Let’s take a look at some more pictures…


If it was longer and looser it might have a certain kind of Bardot-esque appeal. As it is, we can really see Katie Price rocking this one…


So… the skirt and the dress we actually like. The dress over the t-shirt? Not so much.


You know, we’re starting to think that if we could see these outfits on someone other than Chloe Sevigny, we’d be able to get a much better idea of how much we like them. Because, by Chloe’s standards, these two are actually pretty "normal".


Now THIS could be the best piece in the entire collection. We say "could" because, of course, we can’t actually see it, thanks to the aforementioned pretentious/artistic photography. Genius.

What’s your verdict? 

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