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Style on Trial: Chloe Saskia Patchwork Pouchette

Chloe_saskia Now, we love Chloe’s handbags, we really do, but somehow the Saskia line just hasn’t managed to quite set our hearts on fire, and by that we mean, "We genuinely can’t make our minds up whether we absolutely hate it, or find it vaguely cute." We think it might be the coral. Yes, we know coral is, like, SO this season, but we find ourselves reminded of 80s bridesmaids and granny shoes when we see it, and that’s a hard mental image to budge.

Help us out, readers. To the left stands the Chloe Saskia Patchwork Pouchette. Does it float your boat? Ring your bell? Make you want to spend $1560 just to hold it in your arms right now? Or is it all just a bit ‘meh’?

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