Handbag of the Week: Chloe’s large ‘Ada’ bag


The good news: Chloe’s ‘Ada’ handbag is currently on sale at Browns. Whoo! Sale! We love it when the words "Chloe" and "sale" appear in the same sentence!

The bad news: It’s still £750. Oh. Ouch. No Chloe ‘Adas’ for The Fashion Police, then. Looks like we’ll just have to stick to our regular, police-issue handbags for the time being.

If we did have a spare £750 in the police coffers, though, this could be a rather satisfying way to blow it. The yellow leather is sunshiney and bright, but not too bright, and the bag itself is satisfyingly roomy, so you could attempt to justify the expense by carrying it every day. There’s also a detachable shoulder strap, and you can pick one up here.

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