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Strange Shoes: Chie Mihara platform boots/sandals


  When even the product description for an item of footwear has to resort to describing it as a “boot/sandal”, it’s pretty much a given that The Fashion Police will take exception to it. Call us old fashioned (don’t worry, we’ve been called much worse!), but we just like a boot to be a boot and a sandal to be a sandal, and none of this hybrid stuff, thanks very much.

Actually, though, that’s not why we’re considering arresting this Chie MIhara creation. No, it’s the sole. That strange “platform”, for want of a better word, that makes the shoe look more like some bizarre kind of house-on-stilts than something you’d put on your foot. Also, we could be wrong, but even we can’t imagine being able to walk with anything like elegance in something so flat-footed and unyielding looking, and trust us, we’ve had practice with all kinds of soles.

If you like these, however, you can buy them at Saks, where they’re $435.

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