Cheryl Cole has feet snatched at X Factor US auditions

Cheryl Cole is currently in LA to start her new job on the X Factor US judging panel, and as you can see, things haven’t exactly got off to a great start for poor Cheryl, who had her feet snatched at the first round off auditions: ouch!

Cheryl was also attacked by the ongoing colour-blocking trend. It was obviously an, er, hair-raising experience for her. (Sorry.)

As regular readers will known, The Foot Snatcher is one of The Fashion Police’s arch enemies. We’ve been after this dastadly villain for a while now, although lately our detective work has been greatly hampered as we believe the Foot Snatcher is being harboured by the fashion community, and even by some of our own readers, who believe him to be innocent of all charges.

The Foot Snatcher divides opinions: what’s yours? (And what do you think of the rest of Cheryl Cole’s look here?)

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