Fashion Trends: checks and bows


We’re pretty sure we don’t need to point out again that tartan is going to be a big look this Fall, but checks in general are also going to big, with most of the high street retailers here in the UK starting to stock up on piles of checked shirts. The checked shirt, of course, can have a slightly masculine feel to it, especially when worn with jeans, so what better way to soften up the look and make it a little more feminine than by whacking a great big bow on the front?

That seems to be the thinking here, anyway. The two tops above are from Dorothy Perkins (left) and Miss Selfridge (right), but this look is being replicated everywhere, so if you like it, you probably won’t have to look too far to find many more of these check/bow combos. The Miss Selfridge shirt featured in last month’s UK Vogue, so expect it to sell out soon, too.

What does everyone think of this look? We like the bows (of course) and we can live with the checks, so we’re giving it a tentative thumbs up. What about you?

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