Check Out the Exclusive New Luxury Cannabis Fashion Brand!

edie parker flower

Calling all stoners: Have you been dreaming of a pretty place to keep your stash? Have you always wished that your favorite lighter was a little more stylish? With more and more states making cannabis use legal, people in these states are free to carry their stash with them wherever they please. Hey, even in the states where it’s not legal yet, you still want to keep your stash stylish in private, right? (Note: We’re not promoting any illegal activity… *cough*) Well, get ready for some goods news: A major luxury fashion house is releasing a line specifically with you in mind!

Say hello to Edie Parker Flower! Bret Heyman created the luxury handbag brand Edie Parker, which is known for its bold colors and vintage-inspired designs. Now Bret has expanded on the Edie brand by creating the Flower line – a collection dedicated specifically to cannabis. What exactly does a luxury cannabis fashion brand include, you might ask?

cannabis fashion line

Bret Heyman has created the Edie Parker Flower line for cannabis accessories.

What’s the Luxury Cannabis Fashion Brand?

edie parker flower cannabis lineThe Edie Parker Flower line includes glass-blown pipes in quirky shapes (bananas, peaches, and strawberries, just to name a few). There’s also glass cigarette holders in bright colors like purple, pink, and orange. There’s even color-coordinated matchstick cases! If you’ve ever wanted to incorporate your cannabis love into home décor, you’ll love the decorative tabletop lighters that can double as centerpieces. Another great item? The acrylic stash boxes that resemble chic clutch bags. (This means you can now retire that musty old mason jar you’ve been using…) There’s also gorgeous vanity trays that give you room to roll in style! Oh, and how could we forget the best item of all? There’s an exclusive “Go Go Bag,” which resembles a stylish clutch – but with secret compartments for your weed!

cannabis fashion lineWith all this selection, it looks like Bret is turning cannabis into art. But how much are these incredible items going to cost you? Since this is a luxury line, the price point isn’t that budget friendly. With that said, it’s not that expensive either. For example, the glass-blown pipes will run you $95, which is not too painful for the wallet. On the other hand, the Go Go Bags are around $955. In the grand scheme of things, these prices aren’t that bad. After all, does another luxury cannabis accessory brand even exist? The Edie Parker Flower brand is cornering the market and we have no doubt that it will do phenomenal in sales.

It’s worth mentioning the brand doesn’t stop with its fashion items. Edie Parker Flower recently partnered with Flow Cana, a cannabis brand. Together, they’re now launching their own private-label strains of cannabis in three exclusive flavors: Cherry Cheesecake, Pineapple Rising, and Banana Jam. These organic cannabis strains are made in small batches by family-owned farms in Northern California. So, Edie Parker Flower includes cannabis accessories and actual cannabis? Talk about a “high” end fashion brand! Okay, okay, we’re done here…




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