Cheap Ugg boots – we know you hate them, but everyone’s making them!


They’re the boots that many of you love to hate, but sorry folks, it doesn’t look like Uggs are going anywhere in a hurry. In fact, this year we’re probably going to be seeing even more of the style than usual, given the number of cheap Ugg copies being churned out.

The originals, of course, are by Ugg Australia, and will set you back around $150. If you really can’t bear to part with that much money, though, here are some of the cheap Ugg-a-alikes you’ll be able to find on the high street…

Above : Chestnut suede boot, £40, Dorothy Perkins; suede casual boot, £29.99, River Island


£90, Faith


£50 Topshop


Primark, £6 9 (via eBay for slightly more…)


Hartings New Zealand, £49.99

No picture, but Tesco are also selling cheap Ugg copies for £10. Happy shopping…

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