Wear or Die: Cheap Monday jeans


Cheap Monday have been troubling us for some time now. From mom jeans to crazy, high waisted creations, they can be Fashion Criminals par excellence when they really put their minds to it – so much so that we’re soon going to be forced to create a Fashion Police Special Force just for them if they don’t pull their crotch socks up. But just say you had to wear a pair of Cheap Monday’s less aesthetically pleasing creations – or die. And, just to add to your dilemma, just say the only two pairs of Cheap Monday jeans available to you were the pairs shown above. Which would you choose?

I have to say, the jeans on the left of this picture make me wriggle with discomfort every time I look at them, but then, I’m not so keen on the "I spilled two different colours of paint on my white skinny jeans, but I’m wearing them anyway" look, either. You could hide the Crotch From Hell under a longline sweater, but you’d never be able to hide those Jester Legs… but then again, at least you’d be able to sit down in them.

No, it’s just too hard to decide, so I’m turning it over to you, Fashion Police readers. Which pair would you wear, if you had to wear one… or die?

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