Introducing the Maxi/Mini

midi maxi skirt

midi maxi

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It’s not technically true to say that Cheap Monday have “invented” the mini/maxi skirt because, much to our distress, we HAVE, in fact, been subjected to this kind of thing before. (Never with the addition of chunky white shoes, mind you. That really adds something to it, don’t you think?) We’re fairly sure there are some hybrid skirts still doing time in our cells, come to think of it.

So, this isn’t a new concept: just one that continues to confound us every time we see it. In the top image, it looks like a wardrobe malfunction, for instance. In the other two images, it… well, it STILL looks like a wardrobe malfunction. Or the result of extremely indecisive dressing, at the very least. Can’t decide whether to wear a mini skirt or a maxi skirt? Wear both! It’s either the best of both worlds, or it’s the worst of both worlds, and we’re going to let you decide how you feel about that one. In the meantime, we’ll just draw your attention to this:

finged orange cardigan

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You know when someone’s renting out a room, or selling something, and they hang up a notice with their phone number on little strips at the bottom, which you can tear off and take with you? This shirt is the clothing equivalent of that. It would be incredibly hard to resist walking up to the person wearing it and trying to tear off a “tab” – although the fact that it would cost £198 to replace it would hopefully put you off.

Finally, ZARA demonstrate how to make your body look like a rectangle:

drop crotch trousers

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See: you CAN change your body shape just using clothing, people! The question is: do you really want to?

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