Cheap Monday Jeans: Still under Fashion Police arrest


Before we go any further here, we should probably make it clear that not all  of Cheap Monday’s jeans are currently spending time in Fashion Police custody. Just… a lot of them. Cheap Monday, you see, are like the little girl with the little curl: when they’re good, they’re very, very good. But when they’re bad, they make jeans in leopard print, gold spray-paint, and weird, lightning bolt cut-outs. And that’s saying nothing of the "crime of the century" drop-crotch-high-waist-combo. Actually, the "lightning bolt jeans" require further interrogation, so step with us into the interview room so we can take a closer look at these suspects…


Yup, it’s just as we thought: that’s a bleached denim jean with a dark wash denim jean over the top. So what we’re looking at here is a "double denim" fashion crime of the worst kind possible – or the illusion of one at least. Certainly we’d like to hope that there isn’t ACTUALLY two layers of denim on this poor model’s legs, but the fact that Cheap Monday have tried to pretend that there is is bad enough, no?

Lightning Bolt jeans, we’re arresting you for Crimes Against Fashion. You may want to call a good lawyer…

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