Charlotte Olympia has a message (in a bottle) for you…

Charlotte Olympia bottle heel shoes

Charlotte Olympia bottle heel shoes

Charlotte Olympia bottle heel shoes

Charlotte Olympia sandals, $1916

The main thing we’ve come to expect from Charlotte Olympia over the years is that… you never really know what to expect. The Queen of Quirk, as we’ve dubbed designer Charlotte Dellal, is famous for her eccentric approach to shoes (We say that in the nicest possible ways), but these platform sandal are unusual even for her. With a “glass” bottle for a heel (We’re assuming that’s reinforced plastic rather than real glass; we shudder to think of the damage we’d manage to do with ACTUAL glass shoes!), these turn the “message in a bottle” into a wearable piece of art, complete with sand, shells and a cork stopper.

Interesting and unusual though they are, the question is: would you wear them? We’re big fans of the nautical theme in fashion, but these are a very literal interpretation of that theme. Almost as literal as these shoes, actually:

Charlotte Olympia catch of the day platforms

Charlotte Olympia Catch of the Day platforms

Or these ones:

Charlotte Olympia Elsa Lobster sandals

Charlotte Olympia Elsa Lobster sandals

or how about these?

Charltte Olympia Maiden Voyage wedges

Charlotte Olympia Maiden Voyage wedges


So, what’s the verdict, Fashion Police jurors? Are these shoes nautical but nice (groan!), or is there something distinctly fishy going on? Tell us in the comments!

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