Style on Trial: Chanel’s Union Jack Handbag


A flag on a bag. It’s not a look we love, to be honest. This may have something to do with the fact that Fashion Police HQ is based in a part of the world where the sight of the Union Jack on a shirt or bag doesn’t say "Cool Britannia" so much as "Football hooligans on tour" or "Tacky tourist tat straight from the bargain bin".

Needless to say, though, you won’t find this particular bag in the bargain bin. It’s Chanel, is a limited edition, costs £835, and, as well as being something of a novelty purchase, is clearly designed to appeal to those who like their accessories to come with a bit of a punk rock vibe about them. So it’ll come as no surprise to you to hear that it’s been spotted on the arm of Agyness Deyn, then…

What’s the verdict, Fashion Jurors? We wouldn’t call this a "Crime of Fashion", and we actually quite like it as a one-off piece, but we probably wouldn’t carry it either: would you?

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