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The Best and Worst Looks From the 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards

It was country music’s biggest night of the year! The 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards was held on Sunday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Country’s biggest stars came out in full-force to celebrate the best and brightest musicians of the year. There was no shortage of great looks on the red carpet and there was also a few fashion-fails. Check out the best and worst looks from the 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards right here! The Best of the Best   So technically our choice for “Best Dressed” didn’t walk the red carpet, but she was the by far the most flawless face of the night. Gwen Stefani literally took our breath away…

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Lady in Red: Our Top 10 Favorite Red Dresses Of All Time

We always love a splash of color on the red carpet. In fact, our favorite color on the red carpet is…red! Is there anything more stunning than a lady in red? Some of our all-time favorite gowns have been shades of red. We’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the bets red-hot moments in red carpet history. We’ve rounded up some of Hollywood’s leading ladies (one of them even makes the list twice)! Check out our top 10 favorite red dresses of all time below:   1. Rihanna Rihanna looked nothing less than perfect at the 2013 Grammy Awards wearing Azzedine Alaia. 2. Halle Berry Halle Berry was ravishing as ever at the 2011…

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Celeb Style: The Best and Worst Looks From the 2018 Kids Choice Awards

On Saturday night the 2018 Kids Choice Awards were held at The Forum in Inglewood, California. Every year the Kids Choice Awards are the one award ceremony where celebs can completely let loose! The dress code is more casual and fun than any other award show, and many celebs take the opportunity to wear bright colors and crazy outfits. This year there was no shortage of funky patterns and quirky ensembles. Check out some of the best and worst looks from the 2018 Kids Choice Awards: The Best of the Best Storm Reid absolutely nailed everything the Kids Choice Awards is about with this outfit. The young A Wrinkle In Time star looked flawless in this rainbow striped pantsuit and we…


Remembering Hubert de Givenchy: The 10 Best Givenchy Dresses Of All Time

The fashion world became a little less brighter on Monday morning with the death of Hubert de Givenchy. He was the founder and namesake of the Givenchy brand and was behind some of the greatest looks of all time. Givenchy himself designed the little black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which went on to become a piece of iconic fashion. His influence in the fashion industry didn’t end there. Over the decades, Givenchy would go on to become one of the most popular names on Hollywood red carpets and in major fashion editorials. In honor of Hubert de Givenchy, we’re taking a look back at the Top 10 best Givenchy dresses of all time: Emma Stone looked like…

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Hollywood’s Biggest Night: The Best and Worst Looks From the 2018 Oscars

Hollywood’s biggest night finally arrived! The 90th Academy Awards were held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on Sunday night. Otherwise known as the Oscars, the ceremony is regarded as the most important occassion in the entertainment industry. While most of this year’s awards season has been dedicatd to making a political statement, with most artists choosing to wear black as a symbol of the Times Up movement, the 2018 Oscars ceremony was different. Most of the famous faces chose to wear bright color and many still stood with the movement against sexual assault, sporting their Times Up pins. It was a truly amazing red carpet, with some breathtaking ensembles…and some head-scratching ones. We’ve put together our Top 5…

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Red Carpet Legends: The Top 10 Best Oscars Outfits Of All Time

The 2018 Academy Awards are quickly approaching. This Sunday’s ceremony will be the 90th Academy Awards broadcast! Otherwise known as the Oscars, these are undoubtedly the most important awards in the entertainment industry. Hollywood’s finest vie for the coveted statue their entire careers and only the best of the best end up receiving one. While the awards themselves are immensely important, another thing we’re all looking forward to is the fashion! The Oscars have seen some incredible fashion choices over the years (and some awful ones). We dug through the archives and managed to choose our Top 10 favorite Oscar looks of all time. Read on to see the best Oscars outfits from the past 90 years: 1. Gwyneth Paltrow…

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Red Carpet Fails: The 10 Worst Oscars Outfits Of All Time

The 2018 Academy Awards are only a week away! While the Academy Awards – otherwise known as the Oscars – are important because of the actual awards, what we’re really concerned with is the red carpet. Every year fashion critics round up the best and worst dressed at the Oscars, and in honor of the upcoming ceremony, we’d like to take a trip down memory lane. The Oscars have seen some incredible fashion, but they’ve also seen a lot of horrible fashion. For this article, we’ve compiled the ten worst Oscars outfits of all time. Check them out here: 1. Demi Moore There was definitely a lot going on with this ensemble that Demi Moore wore to the 1989 Oscars….

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Times Up: 15 Stars Making A Fashion Statement At The 2018 BAFTA Awards

The 2018 awards season has been all about making a statement – not just a fashion statement, but a statement against sexual assault and harassment. Many stars have been sporting all black ensembles on the red carpet to stand in solidarity with the Times Up movement, which is aiming to eliminate sexual abuse in various industries. The action started at the Golden Globe awards back in January and has continued through to the 2018 BAFTA Awards. Almost every star on the red carpet was sporting black to make their voice heard. Check out fifteen of your favorite celebrities who made a statement at the 2018 BAFTA awards: Allison Janney turned heads in this unique black gown with a gold collar…

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NYFW 2018: What All the Stars Wore During New York Fashion Week 2018

Fashion’s favorite week finally arrived! Every year celebrities, socialites, models and designers flock to The Big Apple to celebrate New York Fashion Week. NYFW is full of runway shows debuting the season’s newest looks from top designers. Tons of celebs showed up to see the latest in fashion. Some of your favorite celebs even walked the runway themselves! Take a look at what some famous faces wore during NYFW 2018: Cardi B sported this bright green pantsuit during the Christian Siriano show at the Grand Lodge during NYFW 2018. America’s favorite girl-next-door, Meg Ryan, also opted for a pant suit with the white ensemble she wore to the Christian Siriano show at Grand Lodge. Lucy Hale wore this short zebra-print…

Reality Star Style: Are the Kardashians the “First Family” of Fashion?

They’re arguably the most famous family in the world. We’ve watched their triumphs. We’ve watched their heartbreaks. We’ve watched them eat giant bowls of salad over and over again. Ever since Kim Kardashian’s, well, uh, “home movie” came out over a decade ago years ago, the Kardashians have become pop culture and fashion icons. We see them walk every red carpet. At any given time, there are multiple Kardashians on multiple magazine covers. Khloe is looking chic as ever while pregnant. Kourtney is often spotted looking fabulous alongside her model boyfriend. The theme of Kylie’s (top secret) baby shower was millennial pink and Kendall is the top-paid model in the world. Kim’s entire Instagram account has it’s own style –…

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Fashion In Film: 7 Iconic and Unforgettable Outfits From Movies

Movies have been a staple of our culture for an entire century now. From the original black and white films to the vibrant and colorful films of modern cinema, we have always loved the look and feel of movies. An important aspect of movies are the characters and the way in which they are presented. A huge part of a character is the way that they dress. While the vast majority of movie characters have had forgettable fashion, there are some film characters who have become fashion icons. The actresses who portrayed these characters have become symbolic figures in the fashion industry because of the way in which these particular characters dressed. From the classic Holly Golightly to the chic…

2018 Grammy Awards

The Best and Worst Looks From the 2018 Grammy Awards

The brightest stars in music stepped out in style at the 2018 Grammy Awards last night. Music’s biggest night was held at Madison Square Garden in New York City. It was the first time in over 15 years that the ceremony was not held in California. A prominent aspect of this year’s awards season has been the Time’s Up or #MeToo movement. Stars have been using their red carpet style to make a statement about sexual harassment and sexual abuse.  At last night’s ceremony, the stars adorned their outfits with white roses to stand in solidarity with victims of sexual abuse. The red carpet was full of breathtaking fashion, with some major hits and a few total misses. Check out…

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Famous Fashion: Style Icons Through The Decades

Fashion has always been considered fluid. It changes as the years go on, with some styles repeating themselves every few decades. Most of our fashion choices are influenced by celebrities. Models, musicians, actors all have significant impact on what styles become popular. Some famous faces have made such large impacts on the world of fashion that they are considered style icons. We took a look back at fashion all the way back to the 1960s and put together some of the biggest style icons through the decades. Check them out here: The 60s The 60s saw an emergence of “mod style.” Mod style consisted of short dresses with bold prints and colors, big bold accessories, round sunglasses and short hairstyles….

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The Best and Worst Looks From the 2018 SAG Awards

Awards season is officially in full swing! The biggest stars stepped out in style as the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards were held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The Screen Actors Guild Awards, otherwise known as the SAG Awards, are given to the year’s best performances in television and film. A prominent part of this awards season has been the Times Up movement, in which women are standing up to sexual harassment and sexual assault. Stars chose to wear all black at the Golden Globes to stand in solidarity with the movement, and some stars carried this choice over to the SAG Awards. While many stars sported all black, others opted for bright colors and bold metals. We’ve…

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Then and Now: 8 Celebrity Style Transformations

We love following celebrities and their fashion. The most interesting thing about celebrity style is how much it changes over the years. While some celebs have a signature style that they maintain throughout their careers, many stars go through total style transformations. A lot of celebs wouldn’t be caught dead in an outfit they wore years ago! We dug through the archives to take a look at the celebrity style of 2008 and see how much things have changed. Check out eight of your favorite stars and the celebrity style transformations they’ve gone through in a decade: 1. Rihanna Rihanna has always been on the forefront of fashion and she’s always looked good in whatever she’s worn. With that said,…

Critics Choice Awards

The Best and Worst Looks From the 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards

Awards season is officially upon us! Last week we saw the top stars of television and film wearing all black to the 2018 Golden Globes to make a statement against sexual harassment. This week, red carpet fashion returned to the usual free-for-all at the 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards. There were still a few stars who chose to wear black, but many others opted for pops of bright color. There were some major hits and definite misses! Check out our best and worst looks from the 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards: The Best of the Best Sarah Hyland went with a classic ballerina-style dress, and we have literally zero complaints. From the pulled back hair to the red lips, the Modern Family star looks elegant…

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Hollywood Blackout: 15 Celebrities Standing Against Harassment at the 2018 Golden Globes

On Sunday night the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards were held to honor the best performances in television and film this past year. This year’s ceremony stood out distinctly from previous years for one significant reason: everyone dressed in black. No, the most famous faces from television and movies were not in mourning; they were making a statement. Prior to the ceremony, many of Hollywood’s biggest stars vowed to wear black to stand together in solidarity against sexual harassment. The past year has been filled with stories of sexual abuse and harassment in Hollywood, perpetrated by the most powerful actors, producers and executives in the industry. At Sunday night’s awards ceremony, celebs decided to use their fashion to speak out…

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Celebrity Style: Rihanna’s Top 10 Best Looks of 2017

You could say that 2017 was the “Year of Rihanna”…and we’re not complaining! This year saw the music superstar conquer the beauty industry with the release of her Fenty makeup line. The high-quality line has been praised for creating a variety of products in a wide range of skin tones – something that many other cosmetic companies have failed to do. Lyst even named Rihanna the “Celebrity Style Influencer of the Year.”  As far as we’re concerned, everything RihRih touches turns to gold, and that includes her wardrobe. 2017 was a year of remarkable fashion, and Rihanna was leading the pack. From the red carpet to street style, we’ve put together Rihanna’s Top 10 Best Looks of 2017. Check them…

Selena Gomez 2017

Celebrity Style: Selena Gomez’s Top 10 Best Looks of 2017

Selena Gomez had a huge year in 2017. She revealed to the public that her battle with lupus led her to need a kidney transplant. We were so glad to see her doing well after such a serious procedure! She was also praised for producing the hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, which had her doing an extensive press circuit and giving endless interviews. Selena’s return to the spotlight came with some scandalous stories (dumping The Weeknd, getting back with Justin Bieber) and some incredible style! From red carpet events to casual outings, we saw Selena in some of the best outfits she’s ever worn. It was hard to choose, but we managed to pick Selena’s Top 10 Best Looks of…

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2017 Celebrity Style: Our Favorite Red Carpet Fashion of the Year

The year is coming to an end, and that means we need to take another look at the fashion choices of the year. Who better to look to than our favorite famous faces? Every year we obsess over what our favorite stars wear on the red carpet, and 2017 was no disappoint in this area. There were many fashion fails, but even more fashion wins. We’ve managed to narrow down our favorites to just ten! Take a look at some 2017 celebrity style with our favorite red carpet fashion of the year: Nicole Kidman Our number one favorite of all 2017 celebrity style (the rest of our list is in no particular order), is Nicole Kidman at the Emmys. The…