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Celebrity Style On Trial: Rihanna in drop-crotch pants and crop top


Rihanna tends to get away with a lot of things that other people just wouldn’t. Fashion-wise, we mean. This is because… well, it’s because she’s Rihanna, basically. Would you mess with her?

Can she get away with the ubiquitous dropped-crotch, saggy-hipped pant, though? You know , the style that almost every brand in creation seems to be pushing right now, but which we’ve yet to see anyone wear well? What if she teamed those droopy pants with that other hard-to-pull-off-unless-you’re-Rhianna item: the crop top? Would that STILL be OK?

We’re staying schtum on this one. It’s totally up to you to decide. What do you think of Rihanna’s outfit?

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