Celebrity Style On Trial: Rihanna at the 3rd Annual DKMS Gala


We just don't know what's going on with Rihanna lately. We've tended to like her fashion choices in the past, but this week she seems to have decided to throw caution to the wind and branch out, with a series of outfits which have had us reaching for the handcuffs (more of those later today in our Celebrity Fashion Roundup). The low point, of course, was that puffy tuxedo jacket, which Rihanna wore to the MET, but she's gone for so many unusual looks this week that we're now struggling to tell them all apart and decide which are crimes of fashion, and which aren't. And we're tempted to say we quite like this one.

So this one is your call, readers.  What did you think of Rihanna's look at last night's 3rd Annual DKMS Gala?

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