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Celebrity Style on Trial: Michelle Williams in a demi-“shress”

Michelle Williams Shutter Island premiere

We see what happened here: Michelle Williams knew The Fashion Police would be out and about at the Shutter Island premiere this week, BUT she still wanted to wear a shress (Motive: unknown), so she thought she’d manage to sneak this one in under our radar by taking half-measures, i.e. a HALF SHRESS. In other words, only half of the skirt is sheer. Hmm, now we think of it, we’re not sure if this is yet another example of the dreaded “leg window” in that case?

Whtever you want to call it, what we want to know is what you think of it? Does the fact that this dress is sheer on one side only make it a lesser crime than that its fully-sheer sisters? Or does the undecided nature of it make you wish it would just make its mind up whether it wants to be a long skirt or a short one, and then stick to it? Tell us!

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