She could have done the belt buckle, the fringe skirt, …

Comment on Celebrity Style on Trial: Katherine Heigl’s Western look by Kuri.

She could have done the belt buckle, the fringe skirt, the sloppy boots OR the leopard print bag, but not all of them.

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Style Trial: Lea Michele’s bright yellow look
I like the colour and the jacket, but the skirt looks like a bad Home Economics project.

Style Trial: Kylie Minogue in gingham at the Q Awards
It does terrible things to her boobs, and different size gingham pattern is really distracting. Definite crime.

Style Trial: January Jones does 60s style in pink shift dress
It’s more a Megan Draper kind of look. The outfit that January hasn’t been able to wear on the show because of where Betty is as a character by the time the ’60’s really get going.

The Cold Shoulder: Rachel McAdams at the ‘To the Wonder’ premiere
I think the one bare arm might have worked if the other sleeve was loser and maybe 3/4 length? That and the closed-up-ness of the collar and drapey scarf thing hanging down the back, make the missing sleeve look like a mistake. I think one sleeve looks work better with looser, drapey-er styling around the shoulder.

Anthony Vaccarello takes the cut-out dress trend too far
Also, for that amount of money, the least the website could do is show us what the back looks like. Not that it’s within my price range anyway, but on principle that’s a service I except.

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