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Celebrity Style on Trial: Katherine Heigl in stripes at the 13th annual ASPCA Bergh Ball

Katherine Heigl attends the 13th annual ASPCA Bergh Ball

OK, everyone, quieten down: the new governess is here and Miss Heigl will send you all to bed with a bowl of gruel if you don’t start behaving!

Of course, we jest: sort of. There is something about Katherine Heigl’s dress and pearls here – not to mention the severe hairdo – that makes her look like she’s just arrived at the home of her dashing new employer, the Earl of Fashionwood, a poor, penniless governess destined to work her fingers to the bone looking after the Earl’s troubled young “charges”, until one day the house is burned down by the madwoman in the attic, and the Earl’s dastardly secret is revealed. Or perhaps we’ve been reading too much historical fiction again?

On the plus side, we’re suckers for stripes, and this IS different from most of the other red carpet looks we’re used to seeing at the moment, so we’re giving Katherine the benefit of the doubt and turning the decison over to you. Do you love this look, or should we throw her into a dusty attic room, with only some stale bread for company?

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