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Celebrity Style on Trial: Ginnifer Goodwin at Saks cocktail reception

Ginnifer Goodwin Fashion Police


Now, we’ve always had a lot of time for Ginnifer Goodwin, mostly because she’s just so cute she generally manages to look adorable in whatever she wears. And because we want to pet her hair and pinch her little cheeks.

Maybe Ginnifer doesn’t want to be the “cute” girl any more, though. Or the “adorable” one. Maybe Ginnifer secretly wants to be the sexy girl. The tough girl. The girl who wears a slashed black mini dress and thigh-high boots to a cocktail reception at Saks because she is just that tough.

Hmmm. We’re not sure we like where this is going. We’d hate the bodice of this dress under any circumstances, of course, but we do have a bit of a weakness for thigh high boots, and it’s always refreshing to see someone decide to dress a little bit out of character, so we’re going to turn this one over to your, Fashion Police jurors.

What do you think of Ginnifer Goodwin’s new, sexy-girl look? A change for the better, or a change liable to get her thrown into Fashion Police jail?

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