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Celebrity Style on Trial: Geri Halliwell at the Cartier International Polo Day


Geri Halliwell gains Fashion Police points here for Most Inventive Use of a Lace Doily. She loses them again, however, for… well, for turning up to the Cartier International Polo Day wearing a lace doily in the first place.

Like Anna Friel before her, we don't think this dress seems like the kind of thing you'd really be able to relax in: in fact, it seems to us that you'd probably walk around all day worrying about this kind of thing happening:


 Our officers weren't totally sure what Geri was doing here, but guessed it probably had something to do with the white bodysuit she was wearing underneath her doily. We mean dress:


So, to conclude: white lace doily over matching bodysuit = not something we'd wear ourselves, but never mind what we think: what do YOU think, readers? Is Geri guilty or innocent of the charge of committing crimes against fashion?

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