Celebrity Style on Trial: Gabriella Cilmi’s ‘necktie’ dress


  A strange thing: we were almost 100% sure we'd already arrested this "necktie dress", but we've just had a look through the Fashion Police cells, and it doesn't seem to be there, which makes us think it might have escaped and attached itself to Gabriella Cilmi here (she's an Australian singer, for those of you currently scratching your heads…).

The question is, what should we do about this state of affairs? Should we attempt to recapture the escaped convict (if, indeed, that's what it is: we may just be imagining things, and let's face it, it wouldn't be the first time…), or should we just leave it be, and let Gabriella get on with life, the proud owner of a dress made entirely from neckties?

You tell us, readers: is it guilty or innocent of crimes of fashion?

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