Celebrity Spy Special: Stars in summer maxi dresses

liv tyler and evva mendes in mai dresses

Like the stripes we discussed earlier this week, the maxi dress is another fashion favourite that tends to start popping up in stores as soon as the weather warms up. Despite their ongoing popularity, however, maxi dresses don’t suit everybody, and if you’re particularly petite, you may feel a bit like you’re drowning in them (that’s assuming you can find one that doesn’t trail along the ground in the first place!).

On the plus side, however, maxi dresses are cool, summery, and a true sign that summer is here at last, so if you’re thinking of trying out the trend, here are some celebrities in maxi dresses to provide some inspiration, kicking off with Liv Tyler and Eva Mendes, above). What do you think of the look in general? Love, hate or simple indifference?

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