Nicky Hilton and Juliette Lewis work the white shoes/black tights look. Would you?


Ignoring for just a moment the fact that one of these pictures shows Juliette Lewis, and our general rule of thumb is that if Juliette Lewis would wear something, we probably wouldn’t, we have a serious question to ask: what do you think of white shoes worn with black tights? It’s one of those things we were always brought up to believe was a "fashion don’t", but there seems to be a lot of it around at the moment. Juliette and Nicky Hilton, here, were snapped at the screening of the Prada short film, Trembled Blossoms, and while we can’t find anything to like about Juliette’s outfit at all (shocker!), we reckon Nicky might actually be managing to pull this look off.

Whaddya reckon? Do you/would you wear white shoes with black tights?

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