There I was admiring her lovely eyeshadow and not even …

Comment on Celebrity Fashion Moment of the Day: Leighton Meester in leather at Chanel Couture by Ros.

There I was admiring her lovely eyeshadow and not even noticing those ‘bags’.

I love the whole outfit, but yes it does look like it would be warm!

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Peacocks to sell Kate Middleton-inspired wedding dress for £60
I would worry about the quality in real life. But the pic shows a lovely dress!

Celebrities in Fancy Dress: Paris Hilton dresses as Marilyn Monroe for new frangrance launch
She’s certainly had a recent boob job!
Plus even with her slender frame that bandage dress is not flattering. I shudder to think what it would look like on my mortal figure.

Spanx or Slip? When the underpinning costs more than the dress…
I’ve read about that slip a few times recently. Apparently it’s made from his famous power mesh so does promise to give you a fabulous figure – like his dresses. Although I reckon a WKD powermesh girdle would do a better job for a better price.

Roll on September: H&M and Zara to open online stores in the UK and Europe
what about Ireland?
We’re always getting left out 🙁

Modelling Is Hard: Patrick Mohr Spring/Summer 2011
Makes you realise how stupid most runway shows look when you take away the pretty faces.
And that emaciated model could have come right out of news footage from the holocaust.

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