Some people say she tries so bad at being “edgy” …

Comment on Celebrity Fashion Moment of the Day: Leighton Meester in leather at Chanel Couture by Kookakicha.

Some people say she tries so bad at being “edgy” but I think she just got it here. It looks so good. The shoes, the make-up, the hair, the dress. She’s comfortable in it and it looks like it. So I approve of this look fervently hehe.
And I totally agree with Natasha about the rude comment. I’d rather have someone tell me my dress is ugly than my face. And Leighton looks stunning here.

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Wear or Die: ASOS Edition
I would actually wear both of these. I like them. This isn’t the worst edition of Wear-Or-Die, I have to admit. or maybe my taste is not along the conventional 🙂

Zara tulip dresses are selling on eBay for more than double the retail price: WHY?
I agree that the buyers are at fault. If there weren’t some idiots who would actually pay for that, the sellers would have to lower it, understanding that nobody is stupid enough to pay that price.
When the dress is sold out, I could understand it or if the place where the buyer lives has no Zara or whatever.

Skin Colour is Not a Fashion Statement (And no, we won’t “get a tan…”)
I am not pale, but I entirely agree with this post because in my culture of origin, pale women are considered more beautiful than darker ones. It’s not everyone who thinks the same, but many times, a pale woman would be preferable than a darker one. I’m sure you have heard of the skin products that are supposed to make your skin look fairer. Their advertisements are the most revolting things ever (In it a woman is able to get a job because she’s been using those products). Consequently, I saw many women using them in order to achieve “fairness”. The worse is that those products are not without risks.
And the reverse also applies. Using tanner and tanning techniques just to be accepted is ridiculous. Unless you want to, and that you’re desire comes from yourself rather than an impulse to fit in because of a complex, trying to adapt yourself to society’s requirements is stupid.

Style on Trial: Hipster/Nerd glasses
That’s exactly how I feel!
I am a nerd too but looking at me you won’t know it. Why do people feel the need to advertise it! The worse is that some (many) of them aren’t even really interested in the whole nerd thing. I think being a nerd at heart does not require you to wear oversized glasses.To me, they just look so fake and unauthentic although some of them may be real nerds.

Style on Trial: Hipster/Nerd glasses
I find this trend so overhwelmingly stupid. Yes, it looks cute and adorable, especially on some hipster boys, but it sort of defeats the point of it. Everybody is a hipster now because that’s what is fashionable. You’ll find that many of them aren’t exactly the book rats, computer geeks, liberal arts students they choose to look like. It’s just for fashion!It’s so annoying that they have to advertise that fact because this image has become so appealing. Instead, they all look the same and we just put them in the same bunch. There is no originality.
This trend will soon be replaced by something else and hipsters will be so passe.

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