Leighton’s style is usually a bit hit and miss, but …

Comment on Celebrity Fashion Moment of the Day: Leighton Meester in leather at Chanel Couture by Natasha.

Leighton’s style is usually a bit hit and miss, but she looks absolutely perfect here! I love this outfit to bits! I don’t even mind the open toe booties, and that’s saying a lot!
As for the rude comment about her face: please, she is amazingly beautiful… If she needs surgery, what should the rest of us, average people do, get a face transplant? Plus, if you think criticizing clothes and people is the same, think about it this way: which would offend you more – being told your dress is ugly, or your face?

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Stating the obvious, although I don’t know that was neccessary. Why be mean? Is it any of his business how much she weighs?

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Oh I love this! I’m not sure it would work that well on other people – it’s VERY her, but she looks beautiful.

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