Celebrity Fashion Roundup: Elle MacPherson, Natalie Portman


Time for our regular look at what the celebrities have been wearing today…

Elle McPherson: Look, she’s ELLE Mac-freakin-PHERSON. She’s, like, The Body. She gets to wear what she likes. And she looks hot in it.

Natalie Portman: Looking more saintly everytime we see her. Great vintage-look dress, Nat, but hey – what happened to Scarlett? And what did you do with the body?

Claudia Schiffer: Proves that a good supermodel never loses her touch.

More celebrity fashion after the jump…

Sopie Ellis Bextor at the launch of Dom Perignon’s new drink
Yes, you CAN make baggy black shorts work for you. Oh yes you can.
Sienna Miller in London
We’re not even sure why we love this picture so much. We just do.

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  • March 1, 2008


    Don’t you mean shorts?

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