Star Style Wars: Tyra Banks Vs Kelli Goss – who colourblocked better?

We’ve talked a lot recently about the colourblocking trend which has such a firm grip on the world of fashion at the moment that it shows no sign of giving up, so here are two examples of it in action, both from the 2011 ‘Do Something’ Awards, held last week in California. What we want to know is who you think colourblocked the best?

On the left, we have Tyra Banks. Tyra, of course, needs no introduction, although her pink, green and blue outfit may need a pair of sunglasses to allow you to look at it.

On the right, meanwhile, is actress Kelli Goss, whose IMDB page is here, for the benefit of those of you who’re scratching your heads and saying, “Kelli WHO?” Kelli went for the two-tone colourblock, which is a little-less in-your-face than Tyra’s three-way, and combines blue and yellow with a pair of hooves, we mean boots, which we personally want to rip off her feet and consign to the depths of the Fashion Police jail, because every time someone wears a pair of workboots on the red carpet, with a dress, an angel dies, true story.

Who colourblocked best? Which outfit do you prefer and why? Or, in other words, who is the winner of the Star Style War?

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