The Ghost of Fashion Crimes Past: Catherine Zeta Jones in a gold jumpuit


"Heathcliff! It’s me, a-Cathee, I’ve come hoooomme!"

Well, well, well, Catherine Zeta Jones, fancy seeing you here in the Fashion Police Jail! Your older self is always so groomed, so polished, so totally unlike this crazy-haired, gold-jumpsuiteded vixen we see before us, like The Ghost of Fashion Crimes Past! And you’re certainly very bendy (kudos for the bendiness, by the way), but we’re just glad to see you combed your hair between the first shot and the second. We just might be able to get you off on an "I’ve got the body for it so I’m damn well gonna wear it" technicality without the Kate Bush ‘do, you see.

Still, this picture should give all the Fashion Criminals out there hope. You can turn yourself around after a crime of fashion, folks – here’s the living, breathing, leg-lifting proof!


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