Star Style on Trial: Catherine Zeta Jones at the premiere of Death Defying Acts


We would normally file Catherine Zeta Jones under the beautiful-but-ever-so-slightly-boring’ category in the Fashion Police filing cabinet, so when we saw her stepping out in Sydney in this giant shawl thing, we had to do a double take. The dress is certainly a bit of a departure for Catherine "I’ve been known to wear golf sweaters" Z-J, but is it a departure she should be proud of, or should it just keep on departing? Well, we think Catherine would struggle to look bad in anything, really (although she’d probably have her work cut out for her with the drop-crotch leggings we arrested earlier today), but we’re not sure how we feel about this dress, which is why we’re calling on you to help us make up our minds.

What do you think of Catherine’s look here?   

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