Its a difficult dress to pull off. The dress will …

Comment on Star Style on Trial: Catherine Zeta Jones at the premiere of Death Defying Acts by Heidi.

Its a difficult dress to pull off. The dress will make any human being look shorter, but her crazy long legs made it work! She should do something about her hair though. Other than that, I think she look gorgeous in that dress!

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Of flora and fauna and footwear
I love the gladiators (if make out of realistic leather/ plastic flowers)! I would pair it with a summery cotton dress and keep makeup/ accessories to a minimal!

Does the pink parts on the hips reminds you guys of um..girly bits? This is horrible!

ugly_prom_dress trashy
And this is suppose to be worn by teens?

ugly_prom_dress lace angel
OMG! This has to be the worst of them all! Oooh my eyes!

Cut it out: Marc Jacobs Acacia Jersey Cutout Dress
I love this dress! Love the vibrant blues with the contrasting trims, princess shoulders and the poufiness of this dress is sexy but cute! I think the cutouts is not big enough to cause a problem. I give it two thumbs up:)

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