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Case Closed:Miley Cyrus And Gwen Stefani in Shreddy Tees by Obestity & Speed

Case File: Obsesity and Speed Shreddy T

We opened the case on Obesity & Speed’s Shreddy T back in March of this year, and since then it’s become something of a celebrity fashion favourite, with Miley Cyrus in particular taking the Shreddy T to her teenaged heart.

This weekend saw Miley turn once again to her faithful Shreddy, while Gwen Stefani also gave the shirt the Gwen seal of approval. (Gwen’s also wearing drop-crotch jeans in this photo. We feel like she’s almost trying to provoke us here.) The, er, joy of this item is that while it looks fairly unremarkable from the front, once the wear turns her back, it’s a whole different look:

If we saw anyone other than a rich celebrity wearing this, we’d probably toss her a coin, thinking, “Wow, poor thing’s been standing around so long, she got covered in cobwebs”. In fact, however, the shirt in question costs more coins than we can spare – (It’s $165 from Obesity & Speed), and we suspect most fashion-savvy folks would describe it as “edgy”, and happily cough up that much on those grounds alone.

Would you, though? What do you think of Gwen and Miley’s outfits?

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