Case Closed: Paris Hilton in cutaway swimsuit

We've been wondering for a while now just who's been buying all of those cutaway swimsuits the stores just can't seem to stop churning out at the moment…


We wonder no more. This photo of Paris Hilton is a few weeks old, but it still answers that all-important question.  Tell us, though: are we alone in hating this swimwear trend? Because they always remind us of those outfits female bodybuilders wear, and they always seem to come in the loudest, most garish prints available – in fact, Paris, here, is wearing one of the more subtle of this type of swimsuit, and "subtle" isn't a word we're used to using in the same sentence as "Paris Hilton".

And yet, it's been two years now, and still we see these for sale, which means people – not just Paris – must be buying them. Are you buying them? What do you think of them?

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