Ick. …

Comment on Case Closed: Lindsay Lohan in baggy, patterned jumpsuit by Evelyn.


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Style on Trial: Emporio Armani jersey stretch swimsuit

Spotted: Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior’s ‘Goddess’ shoes at the the Bike in Style challenge
What’s next? Heels shaped like the pyramids? Maybe Stonehenge? Or fruit? Pear heels, banana heels?
When does it end????

Wear or Die: Lady Gaga edition
Option B (with pantyhose).

Style On Trial: Rubber ankle boots by Melissa
Those 2 words again: Sweaty. Feet.

Sultana Pants: the (baggy) shape of things to come?
I can’t help but think that these are related to MC Hammer’s new reality show…

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