I don’t know why anyone gives lady gaga the benefit …

Comment on Case Closed: Lady Gaga is the one who’s been buying all the shants (Post updated with upper body pic too!) by gokarm.

I don’t know why anyone gives lady gaga the benefit of the doubt. Chances are she’s wearing EXACTLY what you think she’s wearing. And that first look…seriously, a teacup and saucer as an accessory?!? pretentious. For me, she has not yet earned the right to be That eccentric.

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Fashion Police at the 2010 SAG Awards: Lea Michele in Malandrino
She looks sensational, and succeeds where anna paquin fails…the cleavage, she doesn’t look slouchy and unsupported. This is how you do low-cut!

Wear or Die: Shirt Dresses
Option A. I’m not a fan of ruffles and I kinda like the grunge look. I know I could rock the dirty old man shirt better than the frou frou ruffly one.

Designer Vs High Street: Guiseppe Zanotti Vs Topshop
I think this is how to do knock-offs. It’s clearly cheaper in just about every way, but from a distance you get the same basic idea for a far lower cost. The Zanotti’s are gorgeous and should serve as inspiration in the real world of fashion for all us normal women.

Fashion Police at the 2010 Golden Globes: Jennifer Morrison in Luis Antonio
The ruffles are not overwhelming and add a nice emphasis on her tiny waist. Also, her hair and make-up are STUNNING. She looks glorious here.

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